Community College Student Stereotypes

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Community college students should be better understood for who they are and not by stereotypes and misconceptions. A stereotype is a conventional, formulaic, and oversimplified conception, opinion, or image. A misconception is a view or an opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking. Not all stereotypes and misconceptions are negative towards groups, but are assumptions. People have stereotypes because humans are quick judgers and jump to conclusions based on what society hears on certain types of groups that sometimes are true. Misconceptions happen due to people being unique and not the same, it's a human thing to judge and misunderstandings are made because of this. Just like any other group, community college students …show more content…
I personally have a brother and sister who went to Madera Community College and I personally know that they are not how community college students are seen by people. My brother, a former community college student is a very successful person himself. He graduated from Madera Community College and got an associate’s degree and many certificates to be able to work. He is quite smart and has friends that went to a community college who also were successful. Being around this group I experience that most of them wanted jobs right after college. This group behaves like any other group I knew and I wonder why this group had stereotypes that did not apply to them. By personally being around this group I was able to tell that this group was being misunderstood because of the low standards the group was given by other schools. I personally interview Cesar Perez a former community college student to find out if most stereotypes and misconceptions are true about community college students. He stated “the reasons that there is many stereotypes and misconceptions is because of what students are told in schools. Not everything that the society hears is true about community college students.” By personally having a brother that went to a community college he was able to tell me how community college students were in his point of view as being one himself. The society focuses on the negatives about community college students and does not focus on the positives ( Cesar Perez). Being a high school student at one point, I notice that local community colleges got negative attention by my classmates (Cesar Perez). Cesar was basically saying that community college students are not what most people think the group to be and how a community college degree is not bad at