Community College Thesis

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Thesis Statement:Many factors and positives lead that Kirtland Community College is a great start to help construct a better future academically and economically.
Topic Sentence #1:KCC allows students with previously failing grades to receive another chance (or it can give the first chance depending if KCC is the student’s actual choice college) to build a solid foundation for their future.
Evidence:As of 2009, more than 30% of students enrolled at a U.S public school have a gpa of 1.7 or lower. This does not necessarily ruin their chances to make an honest living in the near future, but it does indeed dumb down the chances a lot.
Interpretation:Breaking everything down, a lot of students are failing high school, and there are ones out
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Usually only in circumstances that the kids care about school, said kids will actually go to college and not just go into labor.
Topic Sentence #2:Students who are determined in achieving their dreams always want to see themselves in the near future with tons of money earned from ‘hard work in the classroom.’, because of this, you can say that community colleges help adult students earn more money in their pocket.
Counterpoint/Evidence:Because of failure, community colleges get money. Because of community colleges, students get another chance. But the long term effect of going to a major university, is having money. Many people think people should not even fail in high school, but obviously this happens, so kids optionally can go to community colleges for a better chance. Every kid wants money, and the way to get money, is through doing good in school and getting good grades in every aspect. But many people think that just because a generic billionaire dropped out of college, they can too and still make enough money to live. But they have to understand, that the majority of people who are in that generic stereotype dropped out of elite colleges, like Harvard or M.I.T. For example, Bill Gates scored a perfect ACT, and went to