Essay on Community Health Nursing Task 2

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Measles Outbreak 2013

Amanda Beasley

Western Governor’s University

Describe a Specific Communicable Disease Outbreak
In early April 2013 a measles outbreak was discovered in North Carolina. By mid-May the outbreak had been identified in Stokes and Orange Counties via 23 active cases. Every case was linked back to a family that had spent 3 months in India and had not been vaccinated. By the 16th of April the state laboratory of Public Health was able to confirm the diagnosis, with the last known case being confirmed on May 7th. The investigation of this outbreak revealed 4 patients with a confirmed diagnosis that had received one of vaccination of the two part series. The other 19 cases had not ever been vaccinated.
The North
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My county does not have its own health department, requiring the Pasquotank County Health Department be the resource for outbreak management. The positive to this is, the local hospital is in the same county. Measles has to be reported to the local health department within 24 hours of diagnosis. The health department is then responsible for contacting the state health department. Once all contacts are made, the state health department provides guidance on surveillance and quarantine protocols. The local health department in conjunction with state determine the severity of outbreak, and will close schools if necessary to prevent spreading the virus. The local health department has to determine vaccination status of all affected people and anyone who could have been exposed to the virus. The process is meticulous and time consuming requiring extra manpower for proper function. Our schools and business’s would be shut down costing business owners and the county a lot of money in lost revenue, and placing the students behind in their studies.
Reporting Process
Once a diagnosis is suspected and or established, the provider has to report the case the local level health department within 24 hours. The health department is required to immediately contact the state health department for initiation of the mandated surveillance and investigation protocols. The investigation will be implemented immediately to