Essay on Community Health and Population Focused Nursing Task 1

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Application of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing

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A. The community that I have chosen for the assigned community assessment is Broomfield county in the state of Colorado. This particular county is fairly new in its inception. According to the city and county of Broomfield website’s constitutional amendment section (n.d.), the city of
Broomfield became the city and county of Broomfield on November 15, 2001. Before then, the city of Broomfield was in four different counties namely Adams, Boulder, Jefferson and Weld counties. Geographically, Broomfield is located about 17 miles north of the city of Denver and about 14 miles east of Boulder. There are no hospitals in
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There are numerous fast food establishments and also ample amounts of grocery stores close to each other. Open spaces, parks, walking trails and golf courses can be seen driving around Broomfield. There were also a lot of places of worship mostly Catholic and
Christian denominations. I did not see any mosques or any temples in the area. A lot of medical and dental offices are also present and strip malls as well. Getting around the county without a car I think presents a problem as the county is serviced by RTD, buses which comes every half an hour and services usually stop at late night and restarts in the morning. Your own transportation is probably advisable for mobility around the county.
Epidemiological studies show certain health issues emerging as actual and potential problems in Broomfield county. They are as follows: sexually-transmitted diseases markedly increased from year 2010 to 2012 doubling in number from the mid-100 to 290 cases in 2012 and continues to increase as of today (County Health Rankings, 2015). Another alarming statistic is that although the obesity rate is still below the national average, the overweight percentage of 46% is 10% higher than that of Colorado and 13% higher than the US (City and
County of Broomfield, Colorado, n.d.). Chronic lower respiratory disease deaths are also on an uptick compared to peer counties comparable to the size population and demographics of
Broomfield. Adult