Community Hours Essay

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Sophia Sales
Community Hours Essay

Most people think now in days that community hours are something forced upon students for school to graduate. But to me, it’s a way of giving back; I like the feeling of helping and growing as a person each time I do. I volunteered at Dr. Rolando Espinosa aftercare for 91 hours and never regretted moment of it. I learned a new lesson every day and grew very attached to all the children there although I wasn’t a children type of person when I first started. Working with these children each day taught me how to be more patient and how to become more of a leader. As well as handle situations much better like a kid bleeding from the swing set. They learned from just as much as I learned from them and it breaks my heart to think I wont be able to be with them any longer but it was a pleasure to be able to have worked with them and been able to be there for them when there parents couldn’t be, for they had to work to put a roof over their heads. Although I had to show many of these children things like proper behavior and reading and spelling for homework, they taught me things like being patient. I was never and will never be a very patient person, so when I first started working there I never really liked the whole idea of a child telling me to play with them or to help them with homework 24/7. But as the days past and my love for these kids grew fonder and fonder I realized how to be more patient with them and how to communicate with them better so I can get my point across and not repeat myself twelve times to get them to understand things. I learned I have to understand that they are not little adults and need patience and understanding for them to connect with us as older people as well. By the time I finished doing hours there I had become ten times more of a patient person with people then I had been before. Another characteristic I was able to develop while working at the after care is leadership. Although I had main supervisor Danny for half of the time and Louisa for the other half, they would get busy most of the time and I would have to be in charge of things. I wasn’t a very experienced type of leader when I had started so when they left me to tell the kids what to do I was not very sure of how to act or what to do without someone telling me I’m doing it right over my shoulder. But as situations fell on my lap and things would occur like one kid bullying the other, I was forced to be the leader and tell one kid to sit in the corner and tell the other everything would be all right. It took time to get used to being put in those type of positions but over time I became more of a leader than I would have ever thought. Lastly, I learned not only how to manage situations more wisely but also how to watch it happen and not have a complete panic attack in front of the children. I’m usually the girl screaming in the corner when someone gets even the slightest bit of an injury. But of course, you cannot do that in front of a group of 6 year olds or