Community Immersion Usc Essay

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SOWK 543- Fall 2012
Assignment #1: Community Immersion

Joseph Gossner
Stephanie Carter


The purpose of this research paper is to compare and contrast two smaller sub-communities that are encompassed by the larger community of Santa Maria, California. This paper will promote the beliefs and theories of modern Social Workers, and address the resources and needs of the two communities in question. The compilation of this paper was derived from research that was conducted through interactions and exposure to the residents of these two communities, in conjunction with, interviews and site visits to several community organizations, recreational facilities, and areas of worship. Upon completion of this paper, the
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As the city developed two distinct communities, the demographics of the two focal systems are in direct contrast of each other. The population of the North Park area is predomitaly comprised of Hispanic immigrants and descendants of Hispanic immigrants. North Park is home to approximately ten churches, all having a Catholic or Christian religious affiliation. In An interview with a local church pasture, who wished to remain anonymous, he stated that “religion is major influence in the Hispanic culture”. He also stated that approximately seventy-five percent of the Hispanic population in the community will attend church at a minimum of once a month. However many of the churches are said to have a high turnover rate due to migration of agricultural field workers.
Agriculture is the predominate industry supporting the economy in this area. Due to the exploitation of immigrant farm workers, the average socioeconomic class of the area is below the poverty level. Many of the children in this area begin working as soon as they become legal age to assist with the family expenses. Therefore, the average education level is consistent with a high school education or lower. “North Park is home to eight blocks of low income housing, and the majority of section-eight housing assistance vouchers in Santa Maria, are dispersed in the North Park area” Nunes (2012). The low income housing is in direct relation to