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Communities of Place

Communities of place are deteriorating in the everyday contemporary society because of professionalization within these communities. The more that these professionals solve the problems within the less community interaction there will be. As people get better jobs and become more qualified in what they are doing they rely less on their neighbors and surrounds of the community for the things they need. People jus start to care about making money and less about the relationships that were formed within the community. Professionalization is making a huge impact in society and affecting the way that communities work. Professionalization is deteriorating the everyday contemporary society because of the way that businesses have taken over. When the people living in the society’s get jobs they have many connects to businesses that help serve many needs of others. People in the society just look to the businesses for help instead of looking for help from their family and friends. The Flora Flora article we read this semester talked about Persistent poverty. This is when towns with low education and no economic growth depend on industries for help with their towns needs. They depend on the people in the town who have connections to these big businesses. When times get hard they don’t look to their neighbors and family and friends for help. They are depended on the professionals who have connections. The other problem is that these big businesses are just focused on getting more money. There are “greedy doctors” and “self-serving teachers” as McKnight refers to them. They care more about money then they do about helping others succeed and become healthier within their communities. McKnight also states that the welfare professional services are getting more money for their help then the people who need grants to even get the help. There are three problems that are leading people to revolt against their communities. The first problem that McKnight states is inefficiency argument. This is when; the professionals are doing less and teach less but have more recourse. They are using the recourses to their advantage because they don’t have to teach as much and put in as much time. The communities deteriorate because the schools are not doing as well and children are not benefiting from this teaching style.