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Community Oriented Policing
Community oriented policing is a policing strategy based on the notion that community interaction and support can help control crime and reduce fear, with community members helping to identify suspects, detain vandals and bring problems to the attention of police. It is a philosophy that combines traditional aspects of law enforcement with prevention measures, problem-solving, community engagement, and community partnerships (Ref. 1).
Background of Community Oriented Policing
Community Oriented Policing was born in the late 1960’s. Between the 1930’s and the 1960’s law enforcement used a professional policing model that was based on hierarchical structures, efficient response times, standardization, and the
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A key thing to remember in this situation is that when identifying problems in an area the problems identified by the police and those identified by the community must both be addressed equally. Keeping in mind, problems identified by the police may not be significant to the community; in the same sense, that problems identified by the community may not seem significant to the police. However once both sides have identified the problems that are important to them the police should work with the community to address the issues relevant to them, while encouraging the community to assist in solving the problems that are a concern to the police (Gaffigan, 1994).
Implementing Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving Implementation plans will vary from agency to agency and from community to community. The most appropriate implementation method will depend, in part, on internal and external conditions facing the agency. For example, a chief executive who comes into an organization that is ripe for change at a time when confidence in the police is low may find that the organization will respond favorably to innovative policies. On the other hand, a chief executive who inherits a smoothly running organization may find it more