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Members in the community of the City of Kelsey interact in various ways, they interact in different places. They can interact by sending messages online or even meet up at different locations. Grocery stores, community events, and festivals are some of the main events or places individuals of the community meet at. The historic downtown district would be a great example of places where members of this community can meet up and have a good time dinning out and shopping. This city is surrounded by country clubs, parks and golf courses near one of the best lakes in the region. The residents of the city of Kelsey can often be seen on hiking trails that go around the hills surrounding the city. Also around these beautiful place it is easy to find amazing housing with amazing neighbors who are very friendly and social able. The majority of the time the people of the city of Kelsey meet in the events that are hosted by the city council in order to keep the city close together they host those events. Some annual community events include the Annual Ballon Festival, Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, and the 5th Annual 10K Marathon. Some other events are the Craft Fair, Memorial Day Coed Softball Tournament, Golf Tournament, and the Monthly Farmers' Market. Most often the children and young adults of the city of Kelsey usually interact the most at school in either Kelsey elementary, Kelsey middle, or Kelsey high school. There are many places in where the residents of the city of Kelsey can interact since there is so much to do in such and extraordinary place. People can interact in places like Kelsey Country Club, Lake Lora, Kelsey Aquatics Center, Kelsey Recreation Center, Kelsey City Park, Kelsey River, or