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Lindsay Skellan
Psych 201
Community Research

Carroll Lutheran Village is a non-profit, faith-based retirement community located in Westminster, Maryland. It’s on a hill overlooking beautiful farmlands in Western Maryland. Pulling up I was astonished by the admirable landscape throughout the community. The purpose of the village is to create an environment that touches every aspect of one’s being- spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social. They guarantee that from residential living to assisted living, any health care needs will be met. They have a wide range of staff to assist their 700 residents at Carroll Lutheran Village. Ranging from registered nurses, to painters and maintance, to food servers and chefs. Depending on your area of job responsibilities, the necessary training is appropriate. For most positions in the kitchen, no experience is needed and two weeks of training is all that is needed. My sister and a couple of my friends worked as servers in the dining room during high school. They were always raving about how good the food was and all the different options the residents have for their meals. For other areas such as care giving and nurses, experience, medical degrees, and certifications are needed prior to training.

I was able to talk to Kelly in the admissions department about the costs for independent and assisted living. She informed me that the cost depends on the size of suite and level of care needed for the resident. She estimated about $4,900 to $5,700 a month for a room with