Community Security Vs Homeland Security Essay

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Many see homeland security as being seen as a self-standing, all-encompassing approach to provision of public safety . When a person thinks of homeland security, one does not think of community policing being involved at all; however, some aspects overlap in certain principals concerning local law enforcement and its role of providing communities with protection and security. The principals of community policing are problem-solving, community partnerships and cooperation with the neighborhoods that the local law enforcement serve on a daily basis. Community policing compares to homeland security in the fact that both use information gathering as a preventative tool. Community policing and homeland security both cooperate between multiple local, state and federal …show more content…
Some of the programs such as Neighborhood Watches is to bring neighborhood residents closer together to focus on disaster preparedness as well as terrorism awareness, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) is a program that provides civilians with training in emergency management planning and response functions to respond to disasters, to provide critical support to first responders, Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a program of retired health care professionals that volunteer to address their community’s ongoing public health needs and Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) are civilian volunteers to do non-sworn duties that would free up time for sworn officers to spend more time with critical functions (Docobo, 2005). I believe having community policing is a good fit for the homeland security initiates. If the neighborhood residents want to get involved at the local level for homeland security, after providing the necessary training and education, I believe the more people involved in our national security, the better. There is a saying that it takes a whole neighborhood to raise a