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Community service is giving your time of the day to give voluntary service to the community intended to help others in it in order to improve it. There's a lot of improvements we could have so our community would be better. We could have new libraries, a garden, a health fair, a donation box for toys and clothes, or a crime watch. But how I want to help the community is to clean homeless people so they could seek for a job. It would not only help them, but working people who get paid taxes. The more people work, the more tax money they'll get.
And besides that, our community would unite in order to make this possible by donating money, clothes or volunteers who can groom the homeless people.
What I would like to do is create a grooming shelter. It would be a mini­salon and rent­something­nice kind of place. People who are looking for a job would come in, get a haircut, and if we get enough support and donations, we could even have showers so they could wash. But what's the point of taking a shower and putting on the same dirty ragged clothes for a job interview? That's why if they need to wash something, they can use a washing machine and dryer if we can purchase one. Or if their clothes are too worn out, we could give them presentable clothes. Basically it would be people who are getting a job interview would come in, get groomed and get a nice outfit fit for the interview. Because job interviews are key. You have set a good image for yourself. Nobody would hire you if you come in all dirty. We could ask the mayor to donate a local shop for this to take place. We would get money from donations from people who want to get involved in order to provide for the showers and washing machines and water bills. In order to obtain clean clothes that one would wear to job interviews, we could ask for donations for old dressy clothes.
My role in this would be spreading the word and making people aware of what's

happening and how they can get involved. I would write letters to the mayor, explaining the situation and asking for his help. I also would make any flyers to pass out at parks with volunteers saying we need donations, catchy creative posters advertising the shelter and asking for donations again, go to local radio stations since people in the morning seem to listen to them while they drive to work. I could go put ads on newspapers. Everything would basically be saying that it'll bring everyone together for a good cause. It helps the homeless by providing a job, and getting somewhere else to live instead of the cold streets, and it helps people who actually work because they'll get more taxes because of the amount of individuals working. So it’s just not helping homeless; it’s helping people around the community money wise. People who are not homeless, but just don't have a job nor money in order