Community Service Research Paper

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November 7, 2013
Community Service Paper Period 8/Mr.Gentile

The historical background of public services in America is a service which the government provides the people within the community or state. For example volunteering at the fire department to help out the community and keep everyone safe. Public servicing began in the late 19th century, often dealt with gas and water services. Later on electricity and health care was provided by the government. In most developed countries are still provided by local or national government. Some public services tend to be much less well developed, for example water services are mostly issued out the working middle class. This service is subsided and this reduces the finance available for the poorer communities. Public services reflect the principle of a democratic society by helping out your community and giving back to those who help you stay alive and safe every day. As a democratic society we should be free to do a lot of things to help out the community and towns. Public service is an important part of senior year and graduating high school. Some schools say this is in not an important issue but it is, as a 17/18 year old student we should give back to the schools and the community for all the help they have given us throughout the school years. As a democratic society we should pursue happiness to our government, we should give back to them for helping us have such laws to keep us safe and secure. I helped the community by volunteering at colonial youth child care. I helped watch little kids who get dropped off after school so there parents can work without having an issue. We started off giving the kids a snack but before snack they do their homework after they were given a little time to clean up their toys and mess, than asked to sit down and waited quietly to get lined up to go play outside. I learned a lot from this experience, kids are happy because of the little