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EDU 617 School Families and Community Partnership December 17, 2012

Support of the community and the help of the school will be the responsibility of the teachers and staff who will have the responsibility of to improve and support the community. The parents involved will work as partners with the people of the community and look for ways in improving the community’s needs when problems arise. They can plan to involve other agencies and professionals in the local community to help with the program needs meeting that will be held with the community and other surrounding agencies to help support the program including the schools to identify the community needs for free services program for everyone in need. Collaboration is the key to help support the program to help succeed, the service is to have the schools use the program and have knowledge to the community and their students and families what is offered to the community for a successful life style. The key role is to have the community work together and develop a get involve approach for the local people in need. The key is to collect as much information as possible and aid the community with as much information and share responsibility for other parents to help the population in the area. The number of people to aid would be from birth to late 90’s. This will be designed to help cover many health problems as possible including books, clothing where families cannot afford. In health needs the community would have come up with a program so parents can get children to have free shots and dental work for children at the age of :
Preschool children
School age children and young people
Being that children will be in the greater health need, the majority of the use of its resources of care and workers will be maintaining the program and resources, majority of the time. As for dental care would be the preschool and young children who need it most families who cannot afford it they also will be provided with this program free of charge. Since in the community it’s a large scale of families who have no coverage of dental care in the area as well as health. No matter what cultural background or religious group the person is the community health center does not turn away any family who needs medical attention or any health resources for their private information. No religion, color, or nationality, linguistic cannot be seen there are resources for everyone to use and are equal and entitled to access the health care program when needed. To provide all with sustained relationship through which there is ongoing care in making connections, such as protecting young people from bad behaviors, coaching, mentoring.
Creating a program so that when in a crisis or in a need, the student can have a place to go, a place such as a program that can provide access immediately to get help and be safe for all youth in crisis. Such as schools, fire departments, libraries, youth homes, shelters and other agencies.
A healthy start and healthy development: Programs should help support families in services that help children learn about improving families for support programs for prenatal to early childhood development years.
Having students evaluated, instruction and test, effective teaching where a teacher who is prepared to teach