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Kay King
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May 28, 2013
Summer school anyone…..No Way!
When school is out, summer is here. Every grade school kid is over joy with excitement for the next 2 months. Planning their summer day by day, making sure they don’t miss anything or going somewhere. Many parents are looking for summer camps, vacations spots or even talking their kids into go to summer school. What kid wants to go to summer school, only thing on their minds is no school and fun. An adventurous summer can be very different in the eyes of kids and where they live. There is one place in Apopka, Fl. called Rock Springs where it doesn’t matter how old, or where you’re from it’s always fun. Rock Springs is a very inexpensive way to have an eventful summer day with the family.
Walking into the park the summer air is warm and crisp. Birds soar through the clear blue sky. Trees sway as the wind whistles around the leaves. Crystal clear water ripples across rocks. Creation, a butterfly emerge from a cocoon, caterpillar once ugly and lonely sitting on a log. Fish swim along the bank of the spring with glee. Cars pull in the compact spaces, everyone in there swimsuits are running, playing, and swimming. Laughter echoes the summer air. Sun bright yellow, it blinds the trained eye, flowers bloom from the sun rays. Bees buzz and look for nector.Green slimy algae rocks are off in the deep part of the spring.
A silent voice off in the distance or a little girl screams for help. Ants biting threw the soft young skin. Empty medicine, no relief, and now a loud speaker phone cry. The mother observed timidly, and ran to the rescue. Football spiral threw the blue sky. Kids are afraid of the rocky river, and scared of the alligators at the end of the lazy river. Kids with their big rubber tubes rented from the store on the corner on the way in, even the babies have floaters on. Music filled the air; the DJ said all kids 11-18 come to pavilion 6 for a dance contest. Pin the tail on the donkey, watermelon eating contest, the playground, the smell of Jerk Chicken grilled to perfection on the grill. Smell the aroma of sweet but smokey baked beans. It’s like a food feast, taste the potato salad and the cheesiest macaroni and cheese ever. Stomach over flow but wanting to eat more, have tried everything yet, all the chips and dip, hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, cake, ice cream, and even candy. Also, sometimes there are snow cones with rainbow flavors. After eating that food now back to the cold but nice water.
The water is so cold but at the same time it’s so hot outside