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Gerardo Gracia
Jacqueline Rivera
Kristen Ramirez

Central Claim
Our group came to believe that Texas Southmost College should offer students a wider variety of electives to choose from. The current classes that TSC offers are not enough to make a proper transition to a university, not beneficial to future practices, and unexciting.

Did you know that UT Austin is considering to offer a Beyonce feminism course?!

Students who enroll in the class should expect more than just an endless loop of "crazy in love" this course would focus on "how the lyrics, music videos, and actions of these women express various aspects of black feminism such as violence, economic opportunity, sexuality, standards of beauty and creative self-expression" (Yahoo style)

What does TSC have to offer as electives?

Art appreciation music appreciation
Foundations of music
Art history 1

What do other colleges have to offer as electives?

Street fighting mathematics (Massachusetts
Institute of Technology)
FemSex (Carleton college)
Age of piracy (Arizona state)
Harry potter lit (Ohio state)
Kitchen chemistry (Massachusetts Institute of

According to our survey...

80%would take photography

80%would take dance/tennis/weightlifting

80% said your electives were boring

96% would sign a petition

Courses we SHOULD have

Shooting classes

Why should we add more variety of electives to choose

● Some of us may be taking more than 5 classes and most of those classes are all academic based courses ● Let’s face it we all need a break from school
● Fun electives would be our break from school while still getting credit and graded on a very lenient grade scale

What are the cons to this issue?

Cost to pay the teachers
Cost of course requirements
State funding
Finding qualified teachers to teach the new courses

What can we do to add more elective courses into our campus?
Based on the survey we can conclude that if we some how talk to the dean or sign a petition we could possibly have more variety of elective courses to choose from in the semesters that follow in the near future. Although there are some downs to adding more electives, there is way more ups that benefit all of the student body.

Today’s colleges and universities offer students the opportunities to study…