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These are miscellaneous questions I have from the readings you sent me and the modules that I have completed on the website, as well as extra information I have gathered from preparations for the challenge.

On Politics within Greece:

I have read a few articles about the political parties in Greece influencing the stability between the working and ruling class, like Golden Dawn and many pseudo-left groups. Many have said that with the working class beginning to fight back, there has been talk of military force against these civilians. If the government ends up using military force to stop unrest in the working class, how will it affect Greece's relationship to other countries in NATO? How does the overall political and economic situation affect Greece's job as the “backbone” of the Balkans? The articles I read were from a few Greek news sites, so I don't know the level of bias that these sources had.

On Counter piracy:

What are some specific ways Greece has been involved in counter-piracy efforts with NATO and other multinational organizations, and what was the level of success for these missions?

On stability in the Balkans Region:

Although Greece has been working towards agreements with FYROM to effectively settle disputes, FYROM seems to be resilient to any kind of compromise based on the name issue. One of Greece's goals is to have the countries in the Balkans region all actively participating in NATO's cooperative security initiatives through partnerships. How has Greece's leadership in the Balkans region affected political and economic stability? Considering the situation with FYROM, what are Greece's future plans to continue peaceful negotiation? As Greece is an active financial lender to FYROM, how have they balanced this aid with FYROM's lack of cooperation?

Greece has worked to maintain a strong relationship with the European Union and be the country to hold the Balkans together economically and politically. However, since their bailout by Germany in 2012, how has Greece been able to still aid the region, as well as all of the other NATO missions that they supply monetary aid for?

On Greece's relations with other countries:

Which countries does Greece have closest ties with in defense and in NATO as a whole? What countries have they worked side by side with on multiple occasions, be it because of mutual values or mutual benefits? Similarly, which countries does