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Ryan Dively
Comp II
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Army vs. Navy
Throughout our great nation we are protected by vast soldiers who will volunteer to give their life in order for the Americans in the homeland to live a free life. Soldiers in each branch acquire skills specific to each branch to serve their purpose in the military. Although each specific branch of the military is great, two branches that have had a tiff between them is Army and the Navy. Army has the greatest opportunity to make a well-rounded person inside and out of the military. Army has a birthday of June 14, 1775 established for the revolutionaries from Britain. It was originally derived from a small militia to protect the original thirteen colonies and to serve the American people. It also has support from internal to carry out its mission and support from civilian outside help to accomplish the goals set by congress and the white house.
There are qualifications you have to meet to enter the Army and the APFT (Army Physical Fit Test) soldiers have to score a minimum score based on their age. Army is moving toward a more mentally challenged test to have their soldiers be prepared for the combat life style. The test is called the PRT (Physical Readiness Test) and involves sprinting, climbing drills and other high-intensity exercises that incorporates challenges soldiers face in combat (Lance M. Bacon, 2010). To enlist in the Army you also have to be eighteen or seventeen with parental consent, United States Citizen, have a high school diploma or GED, have to meet certain height and weight requirements. The Army is also creating balance between each foreign conflict as in Operation Iraqi Freedom and the War in Afghanistan, according to sources it states that they have never had to budget this much for multiple conflicts. It is also restricts forces from any other contingences that may arise in the future while these other conflicts are going on. Army is also having issues with equipment and is being stretched thin due to harsh environments in Iraq and Afghanistan and have not budgeted for the rapid wear on equipment. Due to congress and the white house need to work out a budget for the Army so they have the necessary funds to be mission capable. Which in turn is causing shorter deployments from fifteen months down to only eight or nine months at a time (James T. McKenna, 2008). Army has limited aircraft due to shorter deployments and has to adapt with each group of new soldiers in that deployment along with the equipment they bring. However, that is changing with the new aerial unmanned aircraft that the Army is implementing which will allow numerous soldiers the same training and will have more productive deployment time. Whereas, before each soldier had to be trained in a specific area for a certain specific piece of equipment (James T. McKenna, 2008). The Navy also plays a major role in the fight against the war on terrorism. The Navy was born on October 13, 1775 and has been in ten major wars and countless battles for the security, democracy and prosperity of our beautiful nation. It was established by outfitting two vessels to intercept the British from bring munitions to America to reinforce British troops (Naval History and Heritage Command, n.d.). To join the Navy you must be eighteen or seventeen with parental consent, United States Citizen, non-felon, high school diploma, a certain weight limit, and pass a physical readiness test. Navy is the protectors of the open waters and according to the Navy’s website seventy percent of the planet is water, eighty percent of the population lives near water, and ninety percent of commerce is conducted by the sea (Navy Recruiting Command, n.d.). Back in 1984 the Navy was limiting woman pilots by making the requirements to fly nearly impossible. They were designing aircraft strictly for men which in turn was discouraging woman from being pilots. In eleven years only one woman have flown the…