Essay Comp Sci Hw 5

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Lincoln Yau
ECS 1200.015
Homework 5
1. There is one for quadrant I, two for quadrant II, two for quadrant III, and two for quadrant IV. In quadrant one I placed turn in computer science homework before tomorrow at noon. This is the item I will do first because it is both urgent and important since I have to turn in homework by tomorrow. I placed study for computer science midterm and finish calculus homework on quadrant two. They are not urgent but importance since the midterm isn’t until next Wednesday while the calculus homework isn’t due until Monday, but they are still important and essential. I placed replacing ink for my printer as urgent in quadrant three because I need to print paper soon however it is not important because if I ended up not being able to replace the ink I can just go print it off at the library, I also placed reading ECS chapters in this quadrant because I should finish reading it as soon as possible so I won’t procrastinate. For quadrant four I placed watching a movie with friends and reunion with my high school classmates. These are neither urgent nor important because both of these items are leaning towards entertainment and relaxation. Right now I should be focusing on finish my school work first.
2. I first used the first step of solving analysis problems by trying to understand the problem by reading it thoroughly and figure out what it is asking for. Next, I used the second step and started drawing a diagram (I do not know how to draw a picture on Microsoft so I did it on paper) and wrote down all the given constants. Third, I solve the problem using this logic: First you know that the ladder has 18 rungs. And you know the distance between each rung is 5.7 inches. Next, the thickness of the rung is given as 1.1 inches. Since you know that each rung has a thickness of 1.1 inches, and they are 5.7 inches apart, you can find the distance from the first rung to the second rung by adding 1.1 inches to 5.7 inches, which you will get 6.8 inches. Now you know the distance from the bottom of the rung to the next rung. Afterwards, you know there are