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Goal Statement 6
To Maintain a commitment to Professionalism
One of the key work ethics to being a good teacher is always remembering to maintain your professional manner. You need to always remember how to dress properly, keep confidentiality at all times, and always be on time or early for work, and to communicate with coworkers and parents.

Dressing properly is always a must. Parents do not want to drop their children off to someone who looks like they rolled out of bed and are waiting for the day to end to get back into it. You need to dress appropriately to the point that you look the part of a professional person, and impress them in a respectful way. When working with kids, you need to keep in mind it’s always going to be a casual dress code, but of course you want to look the part of teacher or aide. When I go to work, I always dress in a thought out outfit for a day spent on the floor with crawling babies. I remember to always have socks on because of working in the older infant room, and to keep all my shirts buttoned up high, and loose fitting and for my pants to be breathable for bending over to pick up children and able to move around in. When getting dressed, not only do I make sure I look professional in a trendy outfit to wear to work; and to look the part of a teacher, but I dress accordingly to the room I am assigned to.
Professionalism is definitely a must when dealing with accident reports you filled out, and handling conferences with parents. You need to always remember keeping confidentiality is needed at all times in the workplace. Every day when I end up with a child biting another child, I always remember to keep the child who bit the other child anonymous to the parents of the bitten child. Naming the child who bit the other child is not professional in any way, and keeping confidentiality is always a key way to be respectful to both the parents and to the daycare.
Working with a class full of children is very overwhelming and hard to keep track of everyone at times and on certain days. Keeping in contact with parents and coworkers is