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Comp. I
27 September 2013
A Doctor in the Making:
A Dream I Would Gladly Die For Pediatrician. I knew I didn’t have to take any sort of personality test in order to find the careers that are the best fit for me. Regardless, I followed my instructor’s directions and after finishing my evaluation, the career I was already set on writing about didn’t fail to show up on my results. The number of reasons behind this career being significant and perfectly made for me are countless but I do know a few things; I am amazing with kids, I am willing to have a profession where most people already in the field report on being nothing but the happiest of doctors, and I sure would love to live a stress free life when it comes down to not having to worry about my income and the expenses I will have to take care of later in life. I am aware that with hard work and dedication comes reward and not only does this career have a lifetime of stability, it also has many benefits. I’ve always been a very passionate and dedicated individual. I know how to work efficiently, how to apply what I’ve learned to everyday situations and I know I have the dedication and heart needed to partake on this career. I’ve come to believe that I didn’t choose this career, it chose me, mainly for my undying love of wanting to work and interact and care for children.
I truly believe that in order to care for a child you don’t necessarily have to only help them physically with what their current state of illness is, but you have to also understand their emotional state of mind and be able to work with them both physically and emotionally. With time, your relationship with the children you work with begin to grow into something marvelous and beautiful, after all, you are in this job because you care about them more than you care about yourself. One of the most important reasons that I chose this career is because its something I would actually enjoy and I confirmed that this past summer.
For the summer of 2013 I took a trip to New Jersey, an opportunity granted by someone I’ve been really close with for a few years now. I was given the opportunity to work at Allaire Country Day Club’s summer camp, a very well-known indoor sports facility to all the nearby towns surrounding it. After some paperwork and the delivery of my light blue counselor shirts, I started work the same week I arrived in Jersey. I was in charge of the kindergarten group for the three months I would be there. Out of the twenty eight kids we would have on average during a regular day, there was one that always stood out to me. His behavior was reckless, his attention span way below average, his attitude and way of communicating without making eye contact, and his refusal to play any game that involved the possibility of losing or “being out” caught my attention within the first few hours of my first day at camp. The three other counselors that were in charge of the group with me would always joke about this, I would join in and have a few laughs talking about him and questioning what was truly going on with him. A few weeks in I concluded that it was something beyond his life at home. Everything I was observing about him could not be normal for a kid that is five years young. At such a young age there is absolutely no way you’re not able to look at someone’s eyes when they talk to you or are in the process of disciplining you. There is no way that his attention span could be lost within seconds of repeatedly getting his attention numerous times. Although it was funny and sometimes we’d get annoyed while dealing with him, I decided to take him under my wing. One day stands out to me the most, and since that day , as if I wasn’t already sure enough about what I wanted to do career-wise, it all finally clicked and I fully understood exactly why I was made for the job of a pediatrician. It was lunch time in our bright orange room. The smell of pizza and peanut butter and chicken nuggets filled the room