Compairing Ancient Egypt and China Essay

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Who: The Roman Empire and the technology that they created.
What: The Roman Empire is believed to be a creation by Romulus and Remus, who were two brothers. They wanted to begin their own empire, but they fought over specific characteristics and Remus was killed. The most important emperor in the Roman Empire is Julius Cesar because he took almost all empires that he came across; he began as a general and later was crowned emperor. He is credited for giving Rome it great engineering tactics. In 44 B.C he was assassinated by the Roman senate because they believed he was beginning to become obsessed with his power and trying to be praised as a god. After Cesar was killed Augustus became the Roman emperor and with him came the dawn of Rome’s advancement. During his reign Rome’s border was extended and roads were built. Another emperor that was name worthy was Nero; he was the emperor after his step father was killed by his mother. His mother killed her husband because she thought she would gain power with the death of her husband. It is believed that Nero burned a majority of Rome so he could build a humongous palace fit for a god. He was crazy after he got his mother killed because he had visions of his mother’s ghost. He was soon considered a public enemy by the Roman senate and committed suicide.
When: It happened during the medieval ages.
Where: Rome dominated Europe and parts of Africa
Why: The Romans began with Greece it was built on Greek culture and religion. When