Compalling In Love In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Rough DraftFalling in love is inevitable. You don’t get to choose who you’re going to end up fallingfor, even if you hate that person. Stopping yourself from loving someone is almost impossible.Through Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” we see two teenagers who shouldn’t have evenknown about each other slowly fall in love, despite the hatred their families have for each other.This happens before either of them know who they are, but once they find out, the names theyhave couldn’t be more useless. Throughout the play Romeo and Juliet struggle with their loveand the consequences it could bring, and the consequences it did bring. Despite the attempts tounite their families or to not cause even more dispute between the two, …show more content…
Romeo does his best to decline theduel saying, "I do protest I never injured thee,/ But love thee better than thou canst devise,/ Tillthou shalt know the reason of my love./ And so, good Capulet—which name I tender/ As dearlyas my own—be satisfied" (3.1.39-43). Romeo has just gotten married, and loves Juliet verymuch. To fight Tybalt would cause even more conflict, and pose as a challenge between the newmarriage. He loves Juliet, therefore he loves Tybalt, and he cannot fight someone her loves.Tybalt still presses on with his request. Mercutio, one of Romeo’s fiends, seeks to defendRomeo’s honor that he is sacrificing to not fight Tybalt. A big fight breaks out and Tybalt endsup killing Mercutio on accident, so Romeo ends up killing Tybalt. Despite the death of hercousin by the hand of her new husband, Juliet still loves Romeo enough to not hate him andforgive him. This proves just how serious the two are about loving each other.There is no stopping love, despite how hard you may try. It will survive through thickand thin, and even hard times. Romeo and Juliet fell in love and ended up going throughchallenges that test the strength of their love, such as the hatred between their two families, ordeaths and tragedies. While Romeo and Juliet weren’t likely companions in the beginning of theplay, they really came together near the end. The play Romeo and Juliet shows us how love canovercome things such as hatred and hard times, and we can see how this works in our life’stoday. If you truly love someone, nothing will be able to get in the