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Analysis of companies- Part one
Keziah Sullivan
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Introduction to companies:

The two companies that I have chosen to analyse are Network Nine Australia and Network Seven. Both companies are centralized around T.V, which suits me, as this is the profession that I aim to gain entry into.

Background and history

Network Nine Australia:
The Nine Network is part of the Nine-entertainment cooperation, which includes Nine Network Australia, NBN Television, Australian News channel, 50% interest in Mi9,Ticketek and Allphones Australia. The Nine Network was founded in 1956, being the first Australian TV network to regulate colour TV. In 1994 the Nine-entertainment cooperation was created and this is when Network Nine became part of the company.
The Nine Network Australian is a free to air television broadcaster, which is available for over 11.4million Australian every week. The television broadcaster success comes from its extensive news and current affairs coverage and right to broadcast popular sporting events which include the international cricket, winter Olympics, NRL and in 2012 had the rights to the London Olympics. The Network has three main bases of broadcast, which are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Apart from these Nine Network as local news in all state capitals.

Network Seven:
The Network seven broadcast dates back to 1956 where broadcast was made and was originally owned by The herald and weekly time but since 2011 has become part of the Seven West Media. Seven West Media is made up of Network Seven, Yahoo, Pacific Magazines and The West Australian.
Network Seven is also a free to air television broadcaster and is Australia’s leading television provider; topping the ratings since 2011.
Network Seven aims more of its broadcast at females and this is why it operates more drama programs and less sport. However they do have the rights to the Australian Football League coverage.

Element of comparison

A. Location

Nine network:
Nine Network Australia has three major locations for production. These include Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Although there are no locations for production is other cities, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, Nine Network are still set up in the cities and regional areas of Australia and provide coverage news to all these areas.
Nine Network have presence throughout Australia wherever there is news to be reported on or events of popular interest.

Seven Network:
Seven network has a high international market and are constantly sending reporters overseas to get the best coverage of news. The network also provides coverage Australian wide and has offices in every capital city. Network Seven also operates in all of regional Australia.

Decision: Network seven has more regional coverage and has a bigger international market and this is why I would choose their company. I am interested in travelling within my career and also know that working regionally and getting work experience is a good way to enter into the T.V industry.

B. Values

Nine Network:
Nine Network abides by six main values; integrity, trust, respect, quality, responsibility and innovation. Nine pays careful attention to the quality of the information that it produces and distributes, by taking particular attention to the editorial process. It makes an effort to guarantee that the information distributed satisfies the editorial standards that are designed to reflect integrity. Nine’s selection process imitates quality and required professional judgment including excellence, creativity, artistry, accuracy, balance, fairness, timeliness, innovation, boldness, thoroughness, credibility and technical virtuosity. To cater for all interests Nine aims to provided a large choice of quality content. Nine’s goal of a democratic society is furthered by its content diversity, which is enhanced by a range of ideas, information, subject matter and perspectives.

Seven Network: