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HMB 524 Marketing Strategy

Organization Analysis:

Just Group

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Barbara Evans

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Rangsikul Likhitthanawong

Executive Summary

This report will examine Just Group Ltd, the number one market leader in fashion and apparel retail store in Australia. The objective of this report is to review current strategies used by Just Group with regarding to seven traits model according to Schumann, P. A. 1994. Besides, future strategies recommendation will be provided as the key for the company to sustain competitive advantage. Just Group is a number one market leader in fashion and apparel retail store in Australia. The sale of the company continues to increase while the number of stores increases as well.
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Since the company can obtain only 5.60%-5.80%, the company is ranged as the marketing leading in this industry. JST comprise with seven well known brands which are Just Jeans, Jay Jays, Jacqui E, Portmans, Peteralexander, Dotti and Smiggle. The financial performance of JST is continuous increasing from 2001 to 2006 as the illustration shows below.

Financial Performance of Just Group: 2001 - 2006
Year Million Dollars
Sales Revenue Percent Growth
Growth Million Dollars
Net Profit After Tax Million Dollars
Total Assets Units

2001-02 331.9 N/C 12.4 206.0 N/A
2002-03 562.2 69.4% 22.6 209.2 4754
2003-04 619.8 10.2% 40.0 213.5 5023
2004-05 632.8 2.1% 45.9 223.2 4500
2005-06 698.0 10.3% 57.2 252.9 5000
Source: IBIS World Industry Report, 2007, p29 Besides, Just Jeans, the key brand of JST, aims to renovate stores to generate an increased interest in the brand. Store renovations are expected to cost between 100,000$ and 150,000$ per stores but the trial result was successful conducted in 2005 (IBIS World Industry Report, 2007, p29).

Vision and mission

Just Group owns a high quality portfolio of clothing retail brands throughout Australia and New Zealand. JST aims to offer its customers with