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Company Assessment Interview

I. Dress Professionally! Do not show up to your interview in street clothes. This is a professional appointment and you MUST treat it as such.
II. When scheduling the appointment, be sensitive to the business owner’s timeframe and duration of the meeting.
III. If your entire team can’t meet with them that’s fine, but you’re all responsible for equal contribution.
Hi I am a student at USSC. I am currently in a class call Digital Marketing and we are learning Digital Marketing Strategies.
I would like to come in and interview you about your organization and its Digital Marketing Strategies and needs. We need an organization to get insight and experience with Digital Marketing Concepts. We will be reviewing your Digital Marketing hoping to offer you some insight from our research.
In addition, in a few weeks my group will conduct a Pay Per Click campaign for your benefit worth around $100. There is no financial or time obligation on your part other than being willing to meet with us for an initial interview and possibly answering a few questions we have by phone. We will be sure to be mindful of your time and schedule any such contact well in advance.

Overview of Business
1. How long have you been in business?
a. Since 1992
2. Number of employees?
3. Goods and services offered?
a. Indoor rock climbing, bouldering, lead climbing, climbing lessons, workout area, weights, yoga classes, and strength and conditioning classes.
4. Unique selling point of goods and services?
5. If you had to some up your core business mission in a couple of sentences, what would it be?
6. Brief SWOT analysis