Questions On Human Resource Management

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Higher National Unit: Assessment Booklet
Academic Year 2012/2013
Unit title: Human Resources Management
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1. This is an individual work- based assignment. Each candidate needs to contribute to the report. Your group need to submit one schedule for prepare the report with your report..
2. Please use the suggested format:
3. Words: minimum 4,000; maximum 10,000
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7. Take great care that if you use other people’s work or ideas in your assignment, you properly reference them in your text, adding footnotes and listing any bibliography related.
8. Check carefully the submission date and the instructions given with the assignment. Late assignments will be accepted conditionally.
9. If you are unable to hand in your assignment on time and have valid reasons such as illness, you may apply (in writing) for an extension.
10. Failure to achieve a PASS grade will result in a REFERRAL grade to be given.
11. NOTE: if you are caught plagiarizing, you could have your grade reduced to zero, or at worst, you could be excluded from the course.

Case 1
8th Dec. 2004, the Lenovo takeover the business of PC from IBM. After this, the Lenovo was faced with some problems. For example, the staff turnover, cultural conflict, unknown legal system, market competition from Dell etc.
But Lenovo had solved all of the problems. Now we will research some questions from the case.


1. Lenovo has business in U.K., and British government has the Law for equal opportunities. First we should know the forms of discrimination that take place.
2. How does the Law of the Equal Employment Opportunity work, try to give at least an example.
These all involve all of outcomes

Just as the growth history of each enterprise, Lenovo has also experienced start-up, growth to maturity stages. In the process of business growth, With the expansion of business scale,Business leaders recognize the role of people increasingly .In 1995, the Group "Personnel" was renamed "human resources", this change is not only a name change, it is an idea of the update.
Mr. Beiqi Jiang said: "People can be compared to the candles in the past talent management ,kept burning until the farewell social arena. And now, people can be compared to the resource, people like batteries, can be charged and discharged continuously. On talent management is not only for his business to create wealth, but also let him find the most suitable positions, Play their greatest potential, reflect personal values conducive to personal growth. "
Lenovo provide a lot of opportunities for young people who work hard, motivated and willing to fight. Today, the average age of Lenovo's management group is only 31.5 years old. Since 1990, Lenovo has begun to promote