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The aim of this report is to make overview and provide analysis of the worldwide multinational company – Mars Incorporated. This report summarises companies history, head office and global brands. Moreover, the report outlines companies main golas and objectives.Finally, it is looking at companies structure, culture and operations management( IT, HR).

Company overview Mars Incorporated is a multinational private-held company which engaged in the sale and manufacture of confectionary products, staple foods, drinks, pet food products. Mars Incorporated is operating in about 68 countries all over the world, generating annual revenues of more than $30 billion. The company operates in six business segments: chocolate, pet care, Wrigley gum and confections, food, drinks and symbioscience. It offers chocolates, candies, sauces, beverages, rice, chewing gums and entrees. The company belongs to the top 10 largest private-held companies in the US by Forbes.
Key employees Name | Job Title | Board | Paul S. Michaels | President and Chief Executive Officer | Senior Management | Olivier Goudet | Executive Vice President and ChiefFinancial Officer | Senior Management | Aileen Richards | Vice President, Personnel and Organization | Senior Management | Richard Ware | Vice President, Supply, Research and Development, and Procurement | Senior Management | Alberto Mora | Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel | Senior Management | Grant Reid | President, Chocolate | Senior Management | Pierre Laubies | President, Petcare | Senior Management | Brian Camastral | President, Food | Senior Management | Dushan Petrovich | President, Wrigley Gum and Confections | Senior Management | Martin Radvan | President, Mars Drinks and Developing Petcare | Senior Management | Frank Mars | President, Symbioscience | Senior Management | Brands : ]
Milky Way Cesar Orbit
Snickers Royal Canin Pedigree
Mars Nutro Whiskas
M&M's Greenies Sheba
3 Musketeers Uncle Ben’s Masterfoods
Dove Dolmio Klix
Twix Seeds of Change Flavia
Extra Ebly Wisdon Panel
Mars Inc. was founded by Frank Mars in the year 1922. The Mars bas sold in Europe had an immediate success, so together with other famous company brands like Snickers and many others quickly became one of the leaders in the global snacks food business. The history of Mars Inc. began in the most ordinary kitchen of the American city of Tahoma (State of Washington) where in the beginning of the last century Frank Mars and his wife Etel manually molded inexpensive sweets and sold all of them to the interested persons. The family business prospered, and in 1911 the couple had registered their own company, naming it Mars Candy Factory, Inc. In 1923 Frank together with son Forrest has developed Milky Way bar which became the best seller. The profit from sales of Milky Way has allowed the company which that time were called Mars Inc., to move from Minneapolis to Chicago (State of Illinois).Working in Europe during 1930s, the company creates an M&M's candies by trying to make chocolates with a protective candy coat to stop them from melting. M&M’s quickly became the basic product of the company. In 1932 thanks to Forrest Mars's efforts the company opened the brunch in the Great Britain and launched the Mars bar. By 1939, Mars was the UK's third-biggest confectionary company. However unlike the father Forrest was focused not only on confectionery. Soon the company launched pet food - Whiskas and Pedigree. One of the very important steps for company was purchasing Uncle Ben's. In 1943, Uncle Ben's became one of the top selling long grain rice in the US. It was one more important course in respect of a diversification. By having that strong assortment of the goods, Forrest began to visit US much often. In 1964 father and son has