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Tydies ~ Clean & Green Marketing Management 500

At Tydies we want to not only offer the best to our customers in products, but also the best in an advertising experience. Our strategy here at Tydies is simple. Reach out to our target audience on their greater need. We want to appeal to their compassionate side to help save the earth. We feel that if we can get them to see the importance of saving the earth for future generations like we do, then our ultimate goal will be met of raising the awareness of consumers of the seriousness of the problem. In order to do this, the first campaign we run will be cognitive ads that have a one sided argument. We chose this route because we want to raise awareness of the product first and establish ourselves as a powerhouse against the other brands to compete. We have about four different advertisements that will run all featuring different slogans and descriptions that show the added benefit of using our Tydies line of products. All of the ads will display the benefit to the earth and to the consumer. After running these ad types for a while and establishing ourselves we will incorporate the two sided argument ads, because by the time we do this we will have been established and consumers will know our weakness and strengths for our product. So it will not hurt us to point out our weaknesses and things to improve on in our advertising, because we are up with the top brands. Since we are fairly new on the market we would use comparative ads to help show that our brand stacks up to the bigger brands. We would probably compare ourselves to Huggies, in order to show how durable they are and how much leak guard protection they offer. We will also point our that while we offer the leak guard that Huggies offers, we also offer the benefit of helping to save the earth, which Huggies does not. Another tactic we would use later on maybe in the third or fourth year would be fear appeal. We would run an ad that would feature a dried up earth that looks dead, and ask the consumer is this what you want? If not you can help keep the earth smiling one Tydie at a time. Let’s stay clean and green! There would be another ad that is similar, maybe showing non human objects sick or slumped over, not working depicting them as sick humans/ families, asking did you know that every dirty diaper you put in a garbage goes to a landfill which goes into our precious earth? Keep this up we won’t be around for long all that will be left is an unused product. Something to that nature to make people really think about what they are doing every time they throw away a diaper. In our book that we use to refer to it suggest that sometimes researchers who want to figure out if their ad was effective will call random samples of households to see if they remember which ads they saw on television the night before. (Iacobucci pg. 151) This particular method I do not think will work for our company, because we don’t want to waste time calling, and getting hung up on. A lot of people do not like solicitation calls or surveys and tend to not answer the phone or hang up on them when they call. We could require a zip code when someone purchases our product, which most stores now do and that report could come to us, and the zip codes with the highest frequency of buyers and the multiple number of purchases we could send coupons and a simple survey about our advertisements. We could also possibly ask the consumer to fill out the survey and just mail the pre stamped postcard back and receive several coupons in the mail for mailing it back. For our promotional campaigns and marketing all together we will set aside twenty five percent of our profit from the previous year and devote it to our marketing campaign. One promotional campaign we can involve us hiring people who work part time for our company maybe three hours per day just going through public places asking random