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Brianna Miller
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Company Research

Company 1 – Sirius Computer Solutions
Sirius Computer Solutions was founded in 1980, and has grown to be one of the largest IT solution integrators in the U.S. Sirius helps companies become more competitive by taking advantage of technology solutions. Sirius helps organizations solve complex business challenges so they can meet their business objectives. Some of their specialties are hardware, software, storage, networking, security, voice, consulting, and financing.
Sirius headquarters is located in San Antonio Texas and has around 5000 employees that work across the US, designing, implementing, and supporting solutions from leading manufacturers, including Cisco, Citrix, CommVault, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, NetApp, VMware, and many more.
Their privately held company has produced an outstanding sustained financial performance, by every year increasing Sirius’s revenues that has enabled their long-term success from 2011- 2014 their revenue has been above 1.2 billion dollars. Based on Sirius’s steady growth throughout its years, they are projected to continue their climb because of their strengths in investing in national presence, continued focus on industry partnerships, by employing educated product specialists, account executives, and technology consultants. I chose this company because I am looking to go into a marketing career, and did some research on some companies currently looking for interns. Sirius Computer Solutions with a location in Lake Oswego Oregon is currently looking for a marketing intern to train and gain skills from working along side business professionals. This position stood out to me because I want to be apart of a large company that will allow me to grow my marketing knowledge and enable me to use my creative ability to positively contribute to a company.

Company 2 – 72 and Sunny
72 and Sunny is a marketing and advertising agency that creates a cultural impact on behalf of brands all around the world. Some of the big companies that 72 and Sunny creates culturally impactful platforms for include