Comparative Advertisement Essay examples

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Here are two advertisements for the United States Navy. The first is circa 1909 and the other from 2007. The two advertisements are different in so many ways yet have some similar qualities. The first difference that grabbed my attention was the target market. Obviously in the early 1900’s women were not allowed in the armed forces. And in both ads they are blatantly stating who they are looking for to enlist. In a similarity, I think that it interesting that the two characters, about a hundred years apart, are posed in very comparable position. Another obvious difference is what they are selling. The old ad is more concerned with the benefits received like pay and health care while the new ad is implies you can do cool adventurous things like fly million dollar aircraft. I think that is a definite tell of the times. Health care, a steady paycheck, and taking care of their family were more in the forefront of people’s minds than having fun. Another obvious similarity is the presents of ships in the background. This is obvious because ships are the navy. There is also a drastic difference in artistic style. In the old ad the picture is a cartoon. The three main colors are red, white, and blue. This clearly represents the colors in the American flag. In the 2007 ad the only red, white, and blue is the actual flag on the officer’s arm. The rest of the picture looks dark and edgy. I believe this fits well with its message. Another contrasting aspect is the borders of the two…