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1.1. Introduction
To come up with the best strategies for increasing retail revenue at Burger King at YVR, this report will provide clear and precise comparison of Burger King at YVR and Burger King at Granville and Robson St and figure out which part they need more improvement. This report will show you the advantage and disadvantage of each restaurant. At the end, it will recommend a better way to improve customer service and further enhancement of retail revenue for Burger King at YVR. These comparison and recommendation are based on the seven criteria; customer service, store atmospherics, retail image, store layout, merchandise presentation, housekeeping standard as well as marketing promotion. 1. 2.2. Body
You will see the identification and description of each restaurant, the eight criteria we selected for comparison as well as evaluation of each restaurant. We will discuss the strength and weakness of each restaurant and evaluate them for objective comparative analysis. 1. 2. 3.1. 3.2.1. Identification and description Burger King at YVR a. Location: it is located in the food court area at YVR ITB level 3 before the security. b. Main Customer: the majority of their customer is the international passengers and their family, friends and lovers to say farewell. Airport employees and community are also included in their customer list. c. Operation hours: it is open for 24 hours and 7 days a week. It is because their main customer is travelling passengers and their peak time is in accordance with flight schedule. d. Other competitor in its catchment area: there was no competitor such as McDonald or A&W in ITB Level 3. Burger King at Granville and Robson St. a. Location: 821 Granville ST , Vancouver, BC V6Z 1K9 (in downtown Vancouver) b. Main Customer: anyone likes burger. c. Operation hours: 24 hours and 7 days a week. d. Other competitor in its catchment area: McDonald and A&W.

3.2.2. Evaluation of restaurant
To evaluate two different restaurants and find out which points Burger King at YVR need more improvement, we are going to compare each restaurant. For the most accurate and reliable result, we are going to select the following criteria for precise comparisons and evaluation and we will give marks for each restaurant accordingly. Evaluation score★-very poor(10) ★★-poor(30) ★★★-okay(50)★★★★-good(70) ★★★★★-excellent(90) | Customer Service
Customer service is one of the most important criteria when we compare different stores because if the store is rumoured to have bad customer service, people will not shop there and the reputation and revenue will go down. a. Burger king at YVR: There were a lot of people who were waiting for their orders. Even though it was very clouded and noisy due to congestion in front of the counter, the clerk was smiling and repeated what the customers ordered so that they would not mix up the orders. Also, they said “thank you and have a great day” rather than “next customer”. They also excused themselves for congestion and it made customers understand the situation that they were handling lots of orders.
b. Burger King at Granville and Robson St.: This place was not that busy compare to other restaurant in down town. However, the customers needed to wait the clerks for their orders because the front line clerks were talking to someone at the back of the kitchen. The clerk took an order from customer and gave them a receipt. They just did what they should do and did not go beyond.
★★-poor(30) Store Atmospherics
It is very important to provide clean and safe environment for their customer. Color, scent, sounds and lighting are very important because they are related to the five senses of human bodies. Also, it is directly related to the image of the store. a. Burger King…