Comparative Analysis of a Business Course Training Seminar Essay

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Part B
Research similar documents for example, those used in your training organisation or workplace. what features of these documents might you include in your own work? Which ones might you change and why?
The document pasted below is the one I researched for the purpose of my comparative analysis of the one day training seminar for the beginners in the area of the business course. There are some of the areas I would like to use for my document and it is of great help for me to have a sample like this with me.
Sample documents
I will design a Brochure for the Universal Institute of Technology Melbourne
About UIT
Welcome to the Universal Institute of Technology (UIT), situated in the heart of beautiful Melbourne, we are a college priding itself not only in fostering academic excellence, but also in making our students' educational experiences satisfying, such that students will remember fondly their time at UIT for the rest of their lives.

As a College, we are acutely aware that education is an important part of a person's life for without education one cannot grow and, without growth, there is no sense of satisfaction in life. Therefore, UIT encourages all students to excel in whatever challenges college and life sets for them and we hope all UIT students graduate with a deep sense of personal achievement.

Should you, as a student have any problems, whether with your studies or life in Australia, there will always be staff on hand to help you overcome these problems, so that your time with UIT remains enjoyable.

Once again, UIT would like to extend its warmest welcome to all new and prospective students. We look forward to meeting you on our campus situated in the heart of the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia, home to many international students.
The Mission of Universal Institute of Technology is to provide quality vocational education and training through a suite of accredited courses that cater for both the international and domestic markets.The overall aim is to provide education and training in a caring environment for a skilled and adaptable workforce to meet the ever-changing needs of industry.
Melbourne is located in the state of Victoria and is Australia's second largest city with 3.7 million inhabitants. Like all other main settlements in Australia, Melbourne directly borders the ocean. So what is it what makes Melbourne so special? It's the combination of natural assets, the cultural diversity and laid back friendliness of its inhabitants as well as the never ending amount of things to do.Melbourne has a number of decent beaches close to the city centre. And the further down you drive along each side of Port Phillip Bay the better the beaches get. Melbourne is also highly marketed as Australia's event and sports capital. There is always an event going on that draws the attention to the city.
There is much to love about Melbourne, Just ask the locals. This sophisticated world city in the south-east corner of mainland Australia inspires a deep passion in those lucky enough to live here. Melbournians love the city's vibrant energy, beautiful old churches, staggering choice of restaurants, boutiques, café-filled laneways, cool bars, unbeatable galleries, lush-green parks and village-like inner suburbs, each with its…