Comparative Criminal Justice Essay

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Comparative Criminal Justice System

Criminal Law has and will continue to be a fluid and ever-changing aspect of humanity, and yet the distinctive base of religious belief is still a foundation for a variety of laws today. While the separation of church and state is in effect, history states a wide range of laws have been established based on religious beliefs and ideals, the Bible for one, and currently the Qur’an, which is the basis for Islamic Law. It is the only true form of law in the present time that is not backed by a Government because it is a form of law based completely on religion. The two primary sources of the Islamic Law stem from the Shari’s and the Sunnah, the Shari is the law defined by God, or Allah, and told directly
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The woman also cannot wear any jewelry, makeup, and their shoes cannot make any noises when they walk. If in fact the woman works outside the home they cannot travel in the front passenger seat with their male counterpart when traveling form home to work they must travel in the rear passenger seat of the vehicle. Afghanistan uses the Qur’an as a book of guidance which gives them guidance on legal issues, religious guidance, commerce, family relations, and diet. The Qur’an is used as book in order to guide them through their beliefs in Islamic laws. Although it may have different interpretations throughout the world in Afghanistan it is not only used for law it is also used to interpret the way you should live your life.

The most important aspect of Islamic law in Afghanistan is that it derives its authority not from the state but form its religion. As a result Islamic laws have clashed not only with customary laws, but also with positive laws which co-exist within the state. Some believe that there is a great deal of inhumanity occurring within the country of Afghanistan, but others believe they are only enforcing Islamic law which the