Compare And Contrast Cathism And Catholhism

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In the world, there are many types of religions and the same one is not right for everyone. Sometimes a religion is chosen for you at birth, like with Baptism in Catholicism, and other times it is just a way of life in a culture like Buddhism. Catholicism is practice of the individual to function with oneself in society, that God and deities are what bind Catholics together. Catholicism is neither good nor bad; it is what you make it. Buddhism is weaved together with shamanism. Buddhism is a psychological practice to help an individual stabilize oneself. Catholicism adheres to Ten Commandments that are moral imperatives, which are guidelines for correct behavior including respecting one’s parents. Buddhism observes physical exercise, premises for ethical conduct, devotion and wisdom practice, and mindfulness. Although all the world’s religions seem to be different hued and different principles, Catholicism and Buddhism may hang by one string; but their beads are quite different.
The first major difference between the two religions is the belief in God. Catholicism believes in an omnipresent, omnipotent God, the Almighty Father. They believe in one God of three divine persons. This is notably known as the Holy Trinity, which are The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Catholics do the sign of the cross, (which is a symbol of the Trinity) before, after meals and prayers. Catholics believe God created earth and heaven. Catholics believe that consecration at the celebrated mass, bread and wine truly become the body and blood of Jesus. Catholics believe Jesus died for us, for our sins, to save us. Buddhist, do not believe in one God, but many Gods. Buddhist does not believe that any of those Gods are permanent beings that will reside in heaven forever. The Buddha never thinks of himself of any type of divine being, but rather considers himself a ‘way-shower’ for others. The closest figure in Buddhism is founder and first of many Buddhas was Siddharta Gautama. He was born of wealth, but abandoned that life to pursue enlighten through austerity. Once he accomplished this, he took his new realization and taught it to his fellow monks. Each Buddha is said to be a reincarnation of the previous, but they are still named differently.
The second major difference pertains to and what people face in the afterlife. Catholicism believes that people go to one of three different places. They are Purgatory, Heaven and Hell. Catholicism declares the sinful go to hell, the not so sinful end up in Purgatory, to repent their sins before they can ascend into Heaven. Heaven is considered by Catholics to be the best and only place to end up in. While their time one earth, they can repent their sins to a priest through confession. In Buddhism there is no beginning and end, but a circle of birth and death. Buddhism believes in reincarnation, that people are reborn either as an animal or another person. Some people have to go through a number of reincarnations to pay off a vast accumulation of karmic debt. They believe that one can only prosper in their present life, if they have enough good deeds in their past life. Sin is said to be ignorance and understood to be a moral error. Sin is more a misstep than a transgression against the nature of God. Karma is understood to be nature’s balance, not personally forced. Buddhism teaches that Nirvana is the highest state of being, a state of pure and is acquired by the individual means. The Nirvana is Buddhism ultimate place to go, and that no one has individual souls.
Lastly, a third difference pertains to Religious texts. Catholicism has a common reference, The Bible. The Catholic Bible is complied of the New Testament, Old Testament and between them the Deuterocanoncials. The New Testament contains 27 books, and they are Catholics religion’s ancient teaching of the