Comparative Essay Original Creation of the Earth

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Elements of Earth Science Comparative Essay Original Creation of the Earth Rhonda L. Carter 9 March 2014 PHSC 210-B13 LOU |


Introduction It should be easy to say that the Earth was created by a higher power. For a Christian this higher power is God. The Bible gives us the six day creation of the heavens and the Earth and all that dwell upon it. For anyone else, the higher power is some unknown power that science is still trying to figure out. There are a lot of theories in science about how the Earth was created. One of these theories is the big bang theory. The essay will compare the two theories and show how different they are.

Old Earth View In the old Earth view of the original creation of Earth we are told about the
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As far as contrasting between the two, there is much to be said. The big bang leads one to believe that the Earth was formed over thousands of years and that somehow in the middle of this creation life was formed out of matter. In the six days of creation God spoke into creation the Earth, all plant life, and all forms of animals. On the sixth day He created a fully grown man out of the dust and breathed life into him. There was no evolving out of the mud from a single cell organism over thousands of years before man walked upright. Science tells us that the Earth is billions of years old and that there have been multiple catastrophes throughout that have brought the Earth to the state that it is in today. The Biblical creation account tells us that God had an order to how he created the Earth and the Heavens and all else after. He created man to watch over His creation and to take care of it and to live in harmony. After the fall of man is where we see death and destruction of what God created. After His creation became too sinful He decided to destroy the Earth and start over with just Noah and his family and the animals and plants that were on the arc when the floods came. This catastrophe would have changed the dry earth and the atmosphere from what it was before. It could have also been what cause the ice age that killed off some of the animals that were saved during the flood.