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16 July 2013
Brokeback Mountain Short Story vs. Movie There are many types of love stories in our current society. Brokeback Mountain is about how two cowboys in 1963 dealt with their forbidden love over a 20 years relationship the movie was based on the short story but it highlight the relationship between the two main characters and their wives. The book is more based on Ennis Del Mar’s character, and the movie focus on each of them. The movie and the book have good storytelling, but the movie was better telling of the story. First you have Jack Twist who was raised by both of parents, and lived in Lighting Flat. His dad was a well-known bull rider in his time. Jack tried to be a bull rider when he had the entry fee. While being a bull rider; after he came down the mountain, Jack met his wife Laureen, and had his son Bobby. The other significant character is Ennis Del Mar, who was raised by his older brother and sister, because his parents died in a car accident. He was raised in Sage. Ennis only attended school to his freshman year of high school, before he had to quit due to the truck breaking down. While on Brokeback Mountain he was engaged to Alma. They got married that following December, after coming down the mountain, and had two daughters Alma junior, and in the book his other daughter was Francine, but in the movie her name was Jenny.
The first time Jack and Ennis had sexual intercourse the movie did a better telling of the event, it showed the passion between the two and the resistance Ennis had to the situation. In the movie you have Jack grabbing Ennis hand, and put it around him then proceeded to move Ennis hand down under the blankets to his penis. Ennis jumps up, and pull away from Jack. Then Jack is trying to pulling him close and trying to kiss him. Ennis fights off the advances from Jack, he pushes him backwards. Next Ennis starts kissing him, unbuckling his pants and having sex. Then in the book it says: “Jack seized his left hand and brought it to his erected cock. Ennis jerked his hand away as though he’d touched fire, got to his knees, unbuckled his belt shoved his pants down and hauled jack onto all fours.” (Proulx 7) When they got back down the mountain after getting paid Jack and Ennis went their separate ways. Ennis walked a little ways down, and he had to stop to puke. In the movie it doesn’t say why he started to puking. In the book Ennis thought he ate something bad in Dubois. After year, Ennis figured out the reason why he was puking it was because he let Jack go his own way. That was the first time he realized how much he cared for Jack. By the end of the book it shows that he was thinking about Jack even though he was dead. He was dreaming about him. He still had the shirt he got from Jacks parents’ house that had blood stains, from the fight they had on the last day on the mountain hanging next to a post card of Brokeback Mountain. In my opinion the book let me know how Ennis felt about Jack just by going into detail about how he felt when they parted ways, and after jack died. The relationship with Ennis and his wife Alma was shown more in the movie how when they first