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Movie Night
We all have a list of favorite movies etched in the back of our minds. Not all of our favorites were seen in theaters and or at home. Though each of them memorable in their own right. Some of the reasons one would choose one over the other are total price, movie selection and preferred atmosphere of movie night. A night out in town is certainly not cheap and the same can be said about watching a movie at the cinema versus viewing one at home. Let’s say a group of four went out and drove to the nearest cinema. Movie tickets plus snacks and beverages could easily top fifty dollars if each person had their own beverage and two people shared the large tub of popcorn. Compared that to renting a DVD from Netflix for $7.99 and a couple of microwaveable popcorn bags priced at less than a dollar each makes for a fun night at home (Redwine). Not to mention the entertainment arrives at the doorstep, saving money spent on gas rather than driving to the movies. Watching a movie from home is a great alternative if one is on a budget as opposed to going out. In both cases movie selection will differ where the big screen will show newer releases and home viewers will have to wait before the DVD’s are available to the public. One of the positive aspects of the cinema is the fact new movies are always coming out and blockbuster hits draw in large crowds. This new film is the must see movie of the summer and everyone drooling over it in the previews. This kind of hype cannot be replicated for a movie making its DVD debut weeks if not months after it was first seen in theaters nationwide. The casual movie viewer will not mind the wait for films to be available at home but the enthusiast will have to drive to the local cinema to catch the newest releases out of Hollywood. The most noticeable distinction of each respective location is the atmosphere. While enjoying a movie from the comfort of your own home trumps