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Cause and Effect Essay Final Draft
December 2, 2012
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Nowadays more and more employers are looking to hire people that have at least bachelor’s degree and even masters degree. Higher the degree means bigger chances to have higher salary. Although students are aware of this fact, there is always going to be a big percentage who will drop out of college because of stress over college related expenses, anxiety about not spending enough time with family and loved ones, lack of motivation and educational burnout.
The main reason for students dropping out of college is financial burden. According to Schepp nearly 4,500 students surveyed by the Apollo Research Institute expressed concerns about college related expenses as the number one reason of dropping out. There are a lot of students that can’t afford college or university tuition. Private university fee is a nightmare for students who come from families with low income. Besides the tuition students have to be able to cover the costs of textbooks, they need to have their own computer, printer etc. For students that are seeking to study at a university in another region there are extra expenses such as housing, bills and commuting. A lot of students that decide to study away from home have no choice to work part-time or even full time to be able to pay for the university. Working and studying at the same time causes students to fall behind and quit college if they are not well organized and have a good time-management. Public universities are cheaper that private universities, which are a good option for students with low income.
Beyond concern about paying for school, other big stress producers among students include anxiety about spending sufficient time with loved ones and friends. A student with a spouse and children makes a very important decision when decides to sign up for college. These students that are used to spend all their free time with their families, now they have to dedicate those family time hours to go to classes. Some adults believe that some type of harm will occur to the person to whom they are attached if they are not together. Some couples also like to be socially active, so not having as much time for that can cause major stress and anxiety. Unfortunately a lot of students can’t control these feelings and they end up quitting college. Support from spouses and family members can be the best chance of positively influencing students to continue classes.
Another reason that students quit college is because of lack of motivation. The lack of confidence is a big issue in self-confidence (“Self Motivation”). Motivation plays a big role in college students’ life. In the present students are reluctant to invest their effort ant time in the experience of learning, so eventually they fail. Students can lose their motivation sometimes because of the classes being too big and the teacher’s don’t have the opportunity to spend one on one time with each student. Another lack of motivation factor for students is the teachers teaching style. Ignoring, undermining the student, giving impossible exams, lecture all day, are a few factors that lead students to have no desire to be in that class. One of the main means to help students be motivated is challenge. For instance, competitions, quizzes are very useful means, as students will always feel like they are in a race between their classmates. Everyone goes through bouts of doubt and depression, what keeps the motivated students motivated is the ability to keep moving forward.
Sometimes high school doesn’t really prepare students for college. For some students high school goal was to pass so they can sign up for college. College is when the tough reality hits students. While college gives students control and