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All of us as humans have desires for adventours, although most of us dont take the time to plan it out, or even think about it because of the obligations and pritioes we have to obtain to our families. However getting away from society is a good idea to relieve stress, relax and get away from all of our problems. Most of us like to take vactions to a place where its calm and quiet and avoid all the over crowded places. Theres a boy name Chris McCandles who is the main character from the film "Into the Wild", who took an amazing adventour, by leaving Harvard Law School, his family and money behind. He than began hitchiking around america for two years and had one crazy journey along the way. In my life i never hitched hike or even left my parents house. Thinking of Chris relationship towards his parents and the choices he made in his life, makes me realize my life has many similarties and differences from his. In regards to the movie, Chris parents and my parents are similar. Chris is an intelligent student, he gratuated from college with honors, and has always been on top of his game. His parents offered him to pay the rest of his tutuion for school, and offered to buy a new car, however he refused it all. He told his parents, he did not need a new car, the one that he had works prefectly fine. He was a bit bother by that. He had also saved up 24,000 dollars for College but decided to donate it to Oxfam america, a charity decated to fighting hunger. My parents were the same way with me. They always encouraged me to further my career and become a nurse which was my altimate goal. They helped me finacially and with anything i needed that involved school supplies.They even bought me a new car just to get to school and back. I thank my parents til this day for all the great things they done for me. Chris desire has always been to take a roadtrip to alaska, and as for myself my dream has always been Hawii. Chris goes for the challange and takes off to Alaska. He was criticized by many people, but who could stop him from discovering who he is. He wanted to get away from all the negativity and explore nature and see all the fantastic things out there. He meet many people along the way, and kept in touch with most of them. He felt those people were part of his life, and kept him motivated to keep going. Hawii has always been my dream place to go to someday. I heard many good things about it, for example, it has the most beautiful islands in the world, they have the most refreshing coconut milk, which is my favorite drink. It has many places you can visit, such as the pineapple plantations, macadamia nut farms and much more. All that to me sounds like a place where i like to be and relax my mind. The decisions McCandles made in his life verses the choices i would make in mine are completely different. Chris made a big decision to leave his home and not tell anyone of his where abouts. He did not want to tell his parents where he was going because he was afraid of disapproval. He had escaped his parents grasph and discovered his own personality, one that was not driven by others needs or