Baseball To A Girlfriend Relationship

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“Baseball To A Girlfriend”
Comparison and Contrast Essay There are many types of relationships in one’s life. Each one of these relationships brings it’s own qualities. If you stop to think about some of them, you may realize that they are not as different as one might think. Two relationships that might be completely different are actually equally important in my life. My relationship with my girlfriend is actually closely related to my relationship with the game of baseball. These relationships are connected in many aspects of my life, while very distant in others.
I care about both of these relationships. If I were to lose either one, I would be extremely upset; this would change my views on life dramatically. Both baseball and my girlfriend are major parts of my life. I do not even like to think about the day that one or both of them are no longer in of my life. Without baseball I would have no way to just get away. Also if I lost my girlfriend I would have no one that I truly care about anymore. I love both of these relationships The game of baseball and my girlfriend are both very important aspects of my life. Baseball is important because it is a way that I can clear my head. When I am on the field whether it be for practice or a big rivalry game I don’t think about anything else. I get lost in the moment. My girlfriend on the other hand is important to me because of the way she makes me feel. She loves the goofy and weird things that I do and say. Both of these allow me to truly be myself. By the same token, both are extremely complicated. Baseball is complicated because a player can get a hit three out of ten times and be one of the best hitters on a team. Three out of ten on a math test would be terrible. Girlfriends are complicated because much like baseball no matter how hard you try to be better, baseball and my girlfriend are always asking the same question. Is that all you got? Baseball and girlfriends always seem to leave you confused and asking how I can be better the next time.
Furthermore, baseball is a sport that you have to give a lot of time and effort to, much like a girlfriend. If I don’t play the game the right way and don’t go all out with my effort all the time there are going to be consequences, which is similar to my girlfriend thinks that I am not giving a solid effort to the relationship; I will have to endure her consequences. With baseball, if the coach thinks I am slacking off, he may make me run or do some type of punishment. Although my girlfriend may not hang out with me for a few days, I won’t have any physical pain afterwards. Though the consequences may be completely different, the concept that the both require time and effort is the same. Whether it is giving it my all at practice to get in the staring line up, or by spending a lot of time with my significant other to please and make her happy, I have to put in the time to get results.
Also, these relationships are both expensive relationships. In baseball, you need a glove that is anywhere from two to three hundred dollars. Bats can cost up to four hundred dollars. Girlfriends are more of the progressively expensive relationships. It starts off with a ten dollar stuffed penguin, which leads to a thirty-dollar dinner, then her birthday or a holiday rolls around, and you drop two bills on presents. The expenses that come with these relationships can cause some money problems for an unemployed college student. Which I guess if the initiative is taken to go get a job that would not be as much as a problem.
On the other hand baseball and a girlfriend can also be very different. Baseball