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For a very long time there has been a heated debate going on between gamers as to which console is better; XBOX or Playstation. Personally my family has always been an XBOX family but here are the facts so you can decide for yourself.

First, Playstation and XBOX both have their own extras networks but they both cost money. Playstation costs $10 monthly or $50 yearly, while XBOX costs $60 yearly. Both of the networks offer much of the same thing but each has its own signature features. The XBOX can be used as an all inclusive entertainment system while the Playstation is more focused on sharing videos and snapshots with friends.

Next, a difference between the XBOX and Playstation is that while they both have game DVR a subscription is needed for XBOX which basically means that you have to pay for it but you also get other things with the subscription so it’s not totally unfair.

Next, the two systems are alike because they both allow cross game chat. This means that if you were playing one game and your friend was playing another you could still chat with each other as you are playing those separate games.

Also, the game systems are alike in the aspect that they both allow cloud storage but the Playstation only allow 3 GB while the XBOX allows unlimited storage in the cloud.

Another difference between the two consoles is that Playstation has a built in Blu-ray player that actually allows you to watch Blu-ray movies straight from the system. XBOX can play normal DVD’s but Blu-ray discs come with a whole lot more bonus content and deleted…