Compare and Contrast Essay

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When talking about women, why do men seem to steer in the direction of all things feminine? Are all women categorized as bitches, chicks, or any other insolent word that a juvenile man can think of? There is no question that a man feels that talking in impertinent ways about a woman will boost his ego or make himself feel just a little more masculine in front of others. Questions and other thoughts similar to these prompted the entries in Language Awareness: reading for college writers: “The B word? You betcha” by Andi Zeisler and “In defense of the Chick Flick” by Gloria Steinam, to write about their feelings towards men who feel the need to speak this way of women. At first one would not think that these two writers have much in common by the way these entries are written or the point that is intended to come across. Nevertheless, after thoroughly reading the entries and noticing that both authors are for empowering women and making it very clear of the way that men make women look, one would notice that they are really stating the same point. Initially, these entries have very little in common. Seeing as a very aggressive Zeisler is defining the word “bitch” and a semi-passive Steinam is making very clear her definition of what a “chick flick” is. One could see that the authors are trying to convey different images but in all reality, these images are one in the same. Zeisler explains that bitch is a word that is culturally used to describe any woman that is strong,