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The Great Debate
“The new Ultrabooks by Intel are shockingly out-dated and a couple of steps behind the new Macbook Air that Apple is currently bringing out”- stated a BestBuy employee as I asked for his opinion on the new laptops that are being advertised. His opinion gave me the feeling that he detested any form of technology that was not produced by Apple, which he referred to as the “innovation company.” I left the store shocked since I had always been leaning to the PC side when it comes to choosing any new technological device. Such biased assistance by the employee made me go home and do some research on both products myself. After a day and a half of hard investigating I was left stunned at how wrong the employee was when he made those assumptions. Learning more than I thought was possible I came to the realization that the Ultrabooks are actually more innovative than the Macbook Air, faster, and a whole lot more “family friendly.” Finding it difficult to obtain an unbiased opinion on this debate I decided to do you the favor of giving you mine. The real unbiased truth is that the Ultrabooks go far beyond what the Macbook Air claims it can provide.
The Intel Ultrabooks are a brand new set of laptops that run on Windows and have an Intel processing unit. Intel patented the name “Ultrabooks” to gain an edge on the laptop market. These computers are advertised as “new”, “fast”, and “portable”. You can even obtain an Ultrabook that has the ability to be touchscreen. This will of course increase the price but being that we are in this new age where every technological device is being made as a touchscreen, this adds to the modernness of the device. Many companies have made their version of an Ultrabook. Samsung, HP, Dell, and even Sony have made Ultrabook laptops each being different from the other but sharing common Ultrabook features such as an Intel processing unit, a lightweight design, and a fast start-up. Since so many companies have made their adaptations of it, this gives the consumer many options on what they want in their laptops.
A Macbook Air is a laptop that Apple has in their lineup of great technological machines. Apple released the Macbook Air in early 2008. They were way ahead of other rival computer companies in bringing out the thinnest possible laptop to the consumer market. The Macbook Air was greatly overpriced but since it was so innovative, many consumers found the price reasonable enough so they could stay ahead in the technological curve and to use the product as a social status symbol. The Macbook Air has had no real competitors up until the release of the Ultrabook. Apple has proven to be a company that seeks to be the freshest and most modern innovator when it comes to creating a new product. The Macbook Air has an incredible screen display and includes a Solid-State Drive, at its release this features were practically unheard of to be incorporated into a laptop.
Innovation; Touchscreen, Solid-State Drive, Windows 8
The Ultrabooks are making consumers rethink which company is leading in the innovation fight. With the feature of the touch screen and quick start capability the Ultrabooks have, the Macbook Air is falling behind fast and needs something to jumpstart its image. The Macbook Air has no touchscreen nor does it have the new bigger storage device that is being built into the new Ultrabooks which allows for the amazing fast boot up without sacrificing storage space. The Ultrabooks come with the brand new operating system from Windows, called Windows 8. While the Macbook Air can only run on the Macintosh operating system which nowadays is lacking the power to run the new programs and computer games that recently hit the market.
Speed; 3.0 Ghz Processor, 1TB Storage, 8GB Memory
The key for a computer to work fast is determined by its memory and processing units. The new Ultrabooks have been built with brand new state of the art memory and processing units, allowing them to reach…