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America Schooling Systems vs. China Schooling System Education is one of the most important aspects in every person’s life. It is the backbone to our way of life. If one want any kind of well-paying job, one has to have a diploma and some sort of degree first. Education is the building blocks to a successful life and career. With so much depending on one such thing, one will want the best of the best, so one day their dream job will not just be a dream, but it will become a reality. To make this a reality one must first do their research to find out where the best school is located for the career that they have chosen. Tara Van Schaack from the University of Michigan, concludes that the top schools are in America and China, this is the reason why there are so many foreign exchange students going to China from America, and from America to China. They want the best schooling possible and are willing to move from one country to another country to get the best learning opportunity they possibly can, so that they can be more successful. Although America and China have the top schooling systems, they have some differences and similarities. The major differences are the teachers, the classes presented to the students, and the parents’ involvement. Both America and China are both very successful in offering higher education, but it is not the results we are dealing with; it is the process that separates one country from another. The first part of the process concerns the teachers. In China, the teachers are given more respect, not by just the students but from the government and the parents also. This is because in China’s government they are raised to obey and respect their elders. The teachers teach the students how to answer by memorizing facts and numbers for all of their exams. In China, taxes are not taken out of teachers paychecks, but in America that is not the case, taxes are taken out of their salaries. On September twenty-ninth each year there is no school for students in China because it is a National Holiday, Teacher Day. In America there is no such day recognized and celebrated for teachers. In America teachers are not given respect one hundred percent of the time, barely fifty percent of the time. This is because America teaches their students to be creative, to have freedom of speech and to not just memorize facts and numbers but to think about and analyze things to come up with an answer. Although there are always those few students that do give them respect, but the rest do not. Teachers in America have a rough job; students do not listen to the teachers when they are talking and trying to explain something. Students are rude to their teachers, and it is common in America for a student to curse at a teacher. In China students stop talking when the teacher stands up to begin to teach something. It is rare when a student uses a curse word towards a teacher because the students show respect towards their teachers. This respect shown to the teachers is returned to the students in China. In China they have a different learning policy than what America has. China’s policy is that they believe every student can learn every subject and be proficient in each one. Tara Van Schaak from the University of Michigan gathered information that shows when one student in the class does not understand something, the whole class goes back and helps the student understand it and does not proceed until the student has comprehended the topic on which they did not understand. They believe in this policy because they want every child to be able to do anything when it comes to a career in the future. On the other side of the world, in America, they believe in something different. In America we constantly hear, “This student is stronger in math,” or, “Reading is this student’s weaker subject.” This may be true but, instead of putting all of the students in one class like they do in China, America has different classes to separate the