Watching Movies At Home Vs. Watching Movies At Movie Theaters

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Drew Stegall Bey
March 20, 2013
Eng 111-02
Ms. Wellons

Viewing Movies at Home Vs Viewing Movies at Movie Theaters

A common past time amongst most people would be watching movies. Whether it is in the spare time of a busy adult with a career or a family night event; this is a hobby that a lot of people possess. When it comes to the ways people watch movies, they are either going out to a movie theater or watching them at home through TV, DVDs, or online streaming. Even though people have these options most people today prefer to watch movies in their homes because of the distance, the cost, and the convenience.

Distance is a factor in why people choose to stay home and watch movies rather than going out to a movie theater. Going to a movie theater requires driving to the location of the theater and depending on where you live that may be a short or lengthy drive. Watching a movie at home doesn’t require any traveling which is also beneficial is conserving gas. The distance from the restroom is another example. In the comfort of your own home you can freely go back and forth to the restroom without having to wait in a line or miss out on the movie; rather than running into these issues at a movie theater. When going to a movie theater you can either buy concessions before or during the movie, but when you’re at home you’re free to get something to snack on while you enjoy the movie without again waiting in lines and missing the movie.

Cost can also be a factor as to why people prefer to watch movies at home versus going to a movie theater. The prices of concessions are definitely inflated at the movie theaters. Buying a box of popcorn from the store to enjoy at home would be equivalent to buying a bag of popcorn to enjoy at the movies. Going out to the movies you are charged a fee to view one movie. When you are watching movies at home there is no fee to watch more than one movie. So essentially it’s