Compare And Contrast Abigail Adams And Benjamin Franklin

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America was built from the ground up by many influential people; Abigail Adams and Benjamin Franklin are two examples of people that not only left their physical footprint for many to follow, but also their philosophies for others to agree with. Although many issues, like women’s rights, wouldn’t be brought to light for many years later, Adams and Franklin started conversations that changed how the American society lives. In addition to ideas, tangible items like writings and inventions were also left. Without the works of Ben Franklin and the mindset of Abigail Adams, the United States would have matured in a very different way. Abigail was the wife to the 3rd president, John Adams. John was not only influential during his presidency, but …show more content…
Ben changed the postal industry by speeding up the delivery of letters. The faster postal industry could connect one side of the colony to the other and helped spread the immense amount of new information. In addition to the postal service, Ben learned many different trades. One trade he took up was writing; his works still being read today. Many of his pieces talk of money or politics, two of the most pressing issues in the 1700’s, and still pressing issues today. Science, Franklin’s passion, helped inspire the inventor in each colonist as each of Franklin’s successful inventions became known. Benjamin Franklin became the epitome of American ingenuity. His documented obsessions with science brought back The Enlightenment’s quality of reason into the colonist’s minds. Ben Franklin greatly influenced the business leaders and scientists of the Revolutionary Period, as well as the leaders of today. There was no shortage of leaders during colonial times, so being such a prominent leader was no small feat for Abigail Adams or Benjamin Franklin. Both were authoritative for good reason; bringing about talk of such big issues and taking action. Women’s rights, science and even the postal service wouldn’t be the same without the lives of Adams and Franklin. Keeping with their own beliefs, these two figures were able to change American history and leave contributions behind that would be used for