Compare And Contrast Baseball And Baseball

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Both basketball and baseball require different preparations throughout the course of the year. Students at Wahlert have long debated whether baseball or basketball is more physically and mentally demanding. Athletes aren’t only physically and mentally challenged, but they are also involved in many offseason and postgame activities that shape them into the type of players they want to be. Basketball and baseball have similarities and differences when it comes to physical and mental drain along with offseason and postgame preparation; baseball seems to ask more of its athletes mentally while basketball takes physicality. Athletes start their preseason routines almost immediately after their last season has ended. For about eight months, basketball and baseball players are tasked with different offseason workouts such as open gyms for basketball or pitcher and catcher workouts for baseball. Even though the different sports require different abilities, both demand repetition throughout their numerous workouts and drills. From taking shot after shot or swing after swing, basketball and baseball athletes are constantly practicing their …show more content…
In baseball, there is little physical contact with another play other than the miscommunicated collision or sliding into a base. Sliding into a base is where a majority of the body contact takes place. Runners try to break up a double play which requires them to slide into a base. However, sometimes players will slide too far and takes out the fielder. This will sometimes turn into an all out brawl on the field. In basketball, players are colliding with one another on almost every play. Every screen, rebound, or loose ball requires plays jumping, diving, or colliding with one another which takes a toll on the player’s body. Players are constantly running into one another and diving on the