Compare And Contrast Baseball And Football

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Baseball and football are two popular sports in America as of right now. Each of these sports have been played for decades and most likely continue in the same manner. Baseball is a good example of who we used to be whereas football is about who we have become. Both sports have their own unique traits. These traits have some similarities and many differences between them. Each sport represents a different kind of person like most people who play only baseball usually do not like contact opposed to a football player who loves hitting. Even though baseball and football are very similar in their skill settings, they differ in ways like the rules of playing, scoring system, and their playing styles.

Both baseball and football have their own rules
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The basic playing style would be of course running because each sport involves running of some sort. Both sports use running in some type of small interburst. When playing football each time the sides change, everyone has a short time to get ready before everything starts back. Where as, baseball players have more time to warm up after each inning. When playing baseball, the game last a total of seven innings. A football game last four quarters with a time limit. Each sport also uses different equipment. There's more equipment used in baseball than in football.
In conclusion, baseball and football have some similarities but all in all, their differences severely outweigh them. As you can see, both baseball and football have closely similar platforms. Although when learning more about each topic, it is clear that the sports could not be anymore different. All of these differences however make the games what they are today. These differences are their rules of the game, scoring system, and their playing style in general. Even though in the end, the biggest characteristic these great sports have in common would be the importance of teamwork involved in each of the