Compare And Contrast Brianna And Nnyna

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Two children, two girls, ten months apart, and two different personalities is how Brianna and Nyima live their lives. Brianna and Nyima can both be mistaken for twins when seen by many people. Although Brianna and Nyima have the same parents, and look alike, they do things and act totally different in ways one would not believe.

These two girls are alike in so many ways. When they are riding in a vehicle for any amount of time, they tend to fall asleep and the majority of the time end up falling asleep with their heads tilted the same way and with their bodies positioned the same way. Another common thing between the two girls are being “Divas”. A diva is a celebrated female singer; a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and by extension in theatre, cinema and popular music. Brianna and Nyima both love to sing which is amazing. They sing whenever and wherever they go. They both have a karaoke microphone machine that they keep in their living room, one would sing while the other would pretend to be the audience, as they switch on the microphones. The two girls love to get glammed up. Brianna and Nyima love to paint their nails, love getting their hair done and as soon as their hair is done they both go in the bathroom and look at their hair to make sure that their hair is fabulous. Brianna and Nyima love pretending to put on makeup. The two girls also love going shopping for new clothes. Every time they go to a store or the mall they have to try the clothes on and model the clothes in the mirrors. The two girls have a karaoke machine where they play music in the hallway and so they have made a runway down the hallway of their house where they pretend to be models and they walk back and forth practicing their walks. Another common thing that the girls are alike is their appearance. Brianna and Nyima are the same height which can cause confusion for being mistaken for twins. The two girls switch off clothes daily because they both wear the same sizes in clothes. The two girls never have to worry about getting their shoes mixed because they have the same pattern of shoes and they wear the same shoe sizes. When the two girls talk or speak, they sound alike and it’s hard for anyone to set them apart because they sound so much alike. The two girls love to trick their grandma over the phone, grandma never know who she is talking to because of the similarity of the voices. Brianna and Nyima religion is Baptist. The two girls love going to church. They both love talking about GOD, love to say their prayers at night, and love to go to church on Sunday and bible study on Wednesday.

Even though most of the girl’s appearances and some of their personalities are similar, they have some differences. Brianna is very energetic, outgoing and love to go with the flow, while Nyima is humble and a home body. Brianna is a person, an incredible person to be around. She love learning new things every day. She has questions to ask for days because she is always curious of everything. Brianna want to do everything that life has to offer, for example, gymnastics. Brianna love gymnastics. Brianna watch gymnastics on you tube every day and at the end of any move that she see, she pauses the video and in her living room she tries to imitate what the move is. Brianna love to dance, especially watching on you tube. She is a quick learner with a lot of rhythm. Brianna is fascinated with the characters “monster high”. Every time she go in a store and she see monster high, she want the dolls, bracelets, pajamas, purses back packs and anything else that has monster high on it. When it comes to food, Brianna love subway. She get a sub with white bread, turkey and mayonnaise. When she go to other places like hamburger joints, Brianna like nuggets and sweet tea. One difference between Brianna and Nyima is that Brianna is very selfish. Even when it comes to her sister, Brianna don’t like sharing and she think about herself